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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tourist Boat Capsizes Near Komodo Island

A tourist boat carrying about 15 foreigners capsized near Komodo island, the best known diving spot in East Nusa Tenggara Province after reportedly hitting a reef in the waters on Tuesday (14/9).

Blue Dragon boat carrying tourists from United States, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia sank in Lohoksera south of Komodo Island which all were rescued by local search and rescue service, although a japanese and a diving instructor were left injured.

Search and Rescue Post Coordinator in West Manggarai Regency Deni Sibarani in his report to Governor Frans lebu Raya said "the boat sank after suspectedly hitting the reef that made water flowed through the broken hull."

Authorities have not evacuated the boat but all tourists reportedly survived the accident.

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  1. We are friends believe 1 of the Singaporean in the boat, pls advise us asap the situation via my email or on this blog

  2. according to unconfirmed reports, all tourists and crews survived the accident. No further information available

  3. more info: 15 foreign tourists (US, SG, JP, Taiwan, Malaysia) and 9 crew members of the Blue Dragon2 are safe. 1 Japanese and 1 dive master hurt.


  4. To make sure that it will be a successful trip, we make a plan of the activities to do so we will not gonna waste time with the unnecessary matter.


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