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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Betawi Culture to Be Jakarta Identity

The downturn of Betawi culture has become a serious problem since Jakarta Capital City is the origin place of Betawi people. This condition has attracted attention from Betawi figures and the city to return it in the midst of ethnic plurality in Jakarta.

City Assistant for Society Welfare, Mara Oloan Siregar, stated that Betawi culture and arts were fading away. In fact, every region has its own culture that should be inherited for generations. “Our job is to make Betawi culture as the identity of Jakarta,” he said in the seminar on Betawi Culture held in Central Jakarta, Wednesday (10/13).

City has done some efforts to preserve Betawi culture, such as establishing Betawi Cultural Village (PBB) in Setu Babakan, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. The government’s job is to promote Betawi culture in Jakarta. Among the efforts are Abang-None event as Betawi tourism and culture ambassadors, and Betawi culture and art development in downtown,” said Mara representing the city secretary.

By those efforts, he hoped Betawi culture would grow rapidly as Jakarta identity and even, more than that, Betawi culture become one of national treasures that should be preserved.

“It will make the image of Jakarta as Betawi origin more obvious,” he added.

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