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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Another Side of The Royal Cremation

A royal cremation ceremony is not just a grand final send off that befitted a king but also a grand catwalk for the royal families, nobility, foreign dignitaries and royal guests. Take for example king of Peliatan’s royal cremation ceremony, last Tuesday, if you can take your eyes off of the colossal cremation tower and Lembu, giant bull-shaped sarcophagus and give a little attention to the royal guests, royal families of Ubud and Peliatan and Bali’s nobility you will have a clear picture of the latest fashion style for cremation ceremony. Dress to kill, Sunday-best, is a must in this grand ceremony.

By now I am sure you have seen few photos that accompany this piece writing and course you can see that sunglasses are important feature of the latest Balinese fashion style but sunglasses have long been a fashion statement in the Balinese ceremony dated back to the 90s and keeping up with the latest trend of sunglasses is what you need to assert your awareness in Balinese fashion style. Others features that gain popularity recently is the grinsing or endek sash, big bros and LV purse for the ladies, old Balinese style batik headdress and kamben for men, last but of course not the least is umbrella and again specially reserved for the ladies.

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