Bogor Attracts Dutch and Saudi Arabian Tourists

To increase the number of tourists visiting in 2011, in line with the Visit Bogor 2011 program, the Bogor Culture and Tourism Office will hold art performances and exhibitions in the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia early next year. The two countries are selected because most tourists visiting Bogor come from there.

The arts program will involve a few dance groups, performing Sundanese dances like the jaipong and rampak gendang. “We will also exhibit handmade arts and crafts, like wooden carvings produced by Bogor craftsmen,” Adrian said.

Based on the Culture and Tourism Office’s data, around 30 percent of the foreign tourists last year came from the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. “Around 71 percent chose Puncak as their destination and the others are places in West and South Bogor,” said Adrian Arya Kusuma, the Bogor Culture and Tourism Office Chief, yesterday.

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