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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Borobudur's garden reopened for tourists

Borobudur temple authorities have allowed visitors to enter the temple's garden area, which falls in Zone II, on Saturday.
“The garden area has been opened, but the temple hasn't,” Iskandar Siregar, Head of Technical Services at the Borobudur Heritage Conservation Office (BKPB), said.
He added that authorities would reopen access to the temple's yard the next day although the temple itself would remain off limits because the process of cleaning up the volcanic dust covering was still underway.
“Only 50 percent has been cleaned. We clean from the top first, working our way to the bottom. It will be good if we can finish [cleaning up] in three to four weeks,” he said, as reported by
Although visitors would not be allowed to climb up the temple, authorities would continue charging normal rates, ranging between Rp.20,000 (US$2.24) to Rp.23,000 for local visitors and US$15 for foreign visitors, he added.

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