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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pengotan Mass Wedding

Bangli will be missed when people mention the most attractive tourism area in Bali. But Bangli keep very well the custom inherited by their ancestors. One of them is mass wedding which is usually held in Pengotan village, 17 km drive to the north from Bangli’s hub.

This mass wedding is always held twice a year in Sasih Kapat and Kadasa (the name of the months in Balinese calendar). Pengotan community believes that this moment is the right moment to hold wedding ceremony. All couples from this village are invited to join the mass ceremony. Each couple only needs to pay IDR 200.000 to get married customarily. It is inexpensive comparing to the personal customary wedding in which a couple can spare a million or more.

The process starts when the headman announces that Pekandelan (mass wedding) will be held on aspecific day. This message will be forwarded to the community and the committee will list the couple who would join the ceremony. 3 days before the core day, the committee will inform to the couples to deliver canang sedah symbolizing the sincerity. In the morning, on the core day, the committee announces the name of the couples followed by bhakti pekandelan (praying) to legalize the customary wedding.

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