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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Green Spirit Bali of Sudaji: A Sanctuary For Peaceful Soul

Bali exudes massive spirit that can’t be described through words. And even more when you visit a village in Buleleng regency named Sudaji. This is what Ketut Susanna Zanzan realized very well that he built spirit sanctuary preserving the local value and environment. A sanctuary for contemplation and peace at heart. A Sanctuary named Green Spirit Bali.

Along the road to get this sanctuary, you will be easy to see the greenery on right and left side of the small road. Sudaji is renowned for its fertile soil that any plant can grow well there; or it seems stone will probably grows to be a lush tree. And the pleasant weather makes the trip going so enjoyable. After passing Banjar Dukuh’s hall, you will see the Green Spirit Bali, tucked away on the right side.

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