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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mesmerizing Menjangan

Open the Bali map, point the finger at the western part and you will find a little island on the west tip. This island hides authentic wilderness. This island belonging to Singaraja regency is super tempting for those loving nature. This island is Menjangan Island.

To get to this Menjangan Island you can drive the car along Negara route for 4 up to 5 hours. Well, that will be a long trip to the west, better you prepare all things like ipod loaded with full of music and snacks to prevent you from boredom. Or you can take Singaraja Route, but this track is longer. These two routes will bring you to Labuhan Lalang. At Labuhan Lalang area there will be many people who are willing to drop you in Menjangan island by boat.

Before you cross the strait, better you decide whether you would like to hire guide and diving equipments or not. To dive and snorkel in Menjangan, you should have a permission from the director of TNBB (West National Park). However almost all dive operators here have already had that permission so..have fun!

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