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Friday, January 28, 2011

Bali ash threat clears, flights resume

Airlines are resuming flights to Bali after being assured ash from an Indonesian volcano was no longer a threat to aircraft.

Virgin Blue said its first flight left Brisbane for Denpasar at 11.35am (AEST) on Saturday.

A spokesman said while there would be some adjustment to the schedule, it was anticipated that all other flights to Bali would leave on Saturday.

Jetstar issued a statement saying its Perth to Denpasar flight was due to leave at 12.35 (WST), while other flights from Melbourne, Sydney and Darwin would leave later in the day.

Only one flight scheduled to leave Sydney for Denpasar at 5.35pm (AEDT) had been cancelled, the airline said.

Jetstar said its decision to resume services was based on information provided from the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, "which is indicating that the volcanic cloud is dissipating".

The eruption of 2329-metre-high Tengger Caldera, in east Java, had led to the cancellation of flights for two days running, stranding passengers bound for Bali from Australia, as well as those heading back.

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