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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jazz to express togetherness of Javanese people in Ngayogjazz 2011

Annual music performance Ngayogjazz will be held on Saturday (Jan 15) rising a theme expressing the togetherness of the Javanese people, an actor and music artist Djaduk Ferianto, said here Thursday.

"Finally the event, Ngayogjazz, can be held on Saturday after being postponed because of Mt. Merapi`s eruption. It should have been presented in November 30, 2010," Djaduk said as the Event`s Director.

According to him, a theme taken for the event was "(no matter whether there is something) to eat or not to eat, the most important is jazz" inspired by the eruption of Mt. Merapi where people in Yogyakarta gathered and helped refugees by making meals wrapped in paper after the disaster.

"In expressing the spirit of togetherness and cooperation, the Javanese people have a phrase: eating or not, the important thing is being together. And this phrase became the theme for Ngayogjazz 2011 , where solidarity can be realized without boundaries or material matter (eating)," said the son of senior choreographer Bagong Kussudiardja.

He said in the fourth event of Ngayogjazz, some jazz musicians and local artists will perform.

"We will present Syaira Syaharani, Glenn Fredly, Iga Mawarni, Simak Dialog (guitarist Tohpati, Risha Arshad and friends) and Chaseiro," he said.
Besides, local musician Sujud Kendhang and some traditional art performances would be presented in the Ngayogjazz 2011.

"We also invited the Jazz Community in Jogja, Bali and Semarang to join the event," Djaduk added.

He said there would be an album launching of Sesarengan from Jogjakarta Jazz Community and Jazz Photo Festival in the musical performance.

"Jazz is a means to enjoy music in a cool way, spontaneously, interactively, expressively and almost without boundaries. And it`s for whoever, whenever, whatever the music instruments and even in any condition, because jazz was born in a social condition which was responded to by music playing," Djaduk explained

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