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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eloping in Bali

Holding your elopement in paradise island of Bali is definitely an excellent choice. Here are some Bali’s excellent points as eloping destination.

No Waiting Period and No Blood Test
In Bali, to marry legally you do not have to wait, there is no waiting period and no blood test, you can marry right away as long as you have the relevant documents that need to be submitted prior to the ceremony such as copy of birth certificate, copy of passport of the couple and witnesses, certificate of No Impediment to marry, it is issued from consulate or embassy in Indonesia, death certificate of former spouse (when relevant), divorce certificate (when relevant), letter of parental consent for person under 21, witnesses at least 2 person ( if required) and five (5) photographs (6×4) of the couple in same photo. If your ceremony does not involve any legal aspect, eloping in Bali is a perfect way to celebrate your love and tie the knot without any worries or hassle.

Variety of venue and style
Bali offers countless venues that suit your need for a romantic eloping. You can set up your ceremony on the beach with beautiful sunsets as background, or high on the cliff overlooking the vast Indian Ocean or amidst Bali’s lush emerald-green rice terraces, or on the shore of lake with the background of majestic mountain and temple or maybe simply on a lovely garden under clear blue skies and warm tropical breezes. Or you can choose from dozen of artistically-designed chapels which are set up on strategic spots with premium quality views for your indoor wedding venue. There are also dozens of hotel and private villa that offers lovely venue for your elopement.
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