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Friday, March 11, 2011

5 Reasons to Visit Papua New Guinea

Perhaps not immediately associated as being a tourism destination, Papua New Guinea is still relatively up and coming in this respect. This does not mean that there is lack of things to entertain visitors who arrive on this Indonesian island. Below are 5 reasons to choose Papua New Guinea as your holiday destination.

Flora - Papua New Guinea is somewhat of a haven for lovers of nature in the respect that it has a wide range of flowers and general plantation to observe and enjoy. Some of these flowers are unique to Papua New Guinea.

Hiking - There are some extremely challenging but altogether enjoyable hikes which can be undertaken in Papua New Guinea. There are also scenic hikes to suit those perhaps not prepared to be exposed to the tougher climates. The site of the Second World War battle between Australian and Japanese troops is particularly popular for hikers.

Surfing - Due to the favourable weather conditions in Papua New Guinea, surfing is an activity which can be enjoyed all year round. Different beaches are advisable depending on the time of year that you visit.

Festivals - With the Papua New Guinea locals being highly cultural, there are a number of festivals that take place throughout the year. A large number of these are open to tourists. Amongst the most festivals popular are the Kindu and Canoe Festival and the Hiri Moale Festival.

Markets - Markets play a significant role in the culture of Papua New Guinea. There are certain festivals which are more tourist-orientated whilst others retain their local charm.

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