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Friday, April 22, 2011

French cultural festival to be held in Jakarta

Centre Culturel Francais or the French cultural center is to stage Printemps Francais, the seventh cultural festival, involving tens of French and Indonesian artists at ten locations in Jakarta, an official said here Thursday.

"In this festival, contemporary French artists of different backgrounds are to collaborate," Philippe Zeller, the French Ambassador to Indonesia, said here Thursday.

He said an activity in art was needed to make the partnership between Indonesia and France stronger.

"This event will be a tool to strengthen the partnership between Indonesia and France which are geographically far apart. Therefore we keep trying to understand each other through cultural heritage," he said at a press conference.

The economic crisis that hit European countries in 2008 did not hamper efforts to hold the festival which is to take place May 7 to July 24 in Jakarta, he added.

"If a country wants to have a good and strong political relationships with other countries, it should be able to find ways to prevent any problems in political matters. And one of them is to develop partnership in the cultural field because political and economic relationships between the two countries should be supported by cultural partnership," he said.

Meanwhile, Christine Hakim, an Indonesian woman artist who had also been promoting the festival, said that Indonesia could learn from France in the field of arts, especially contemporary arts.

"By many French artists come to our country, we can take several parts to be learnt and also we can show and introduce our culture which is various and rich. But the point is that the people to people contact can be increased through this festival," said an actress who won as the Best Actress in Asia Pacific International Film Festival 1998.

This festival was going to hold in ten locations in Jakarta by performing French artists, such as Sophia Charai, Belle du Berry and David Lewis, Nicolas Stavy, Eric Legnini Trio, Merzhin, Acid Washed, Kafig, Chabatz d`Entrar and many more.

The performances would be located at National Galery, Salihara Theatre, Ex Plaza, Graha Bakti Budaya, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta Art Hall, Le Meridien hotel and other places.

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