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Thursday, April 28, 2011

I La Galigo Performance Attracts 1.350 Tourists

The I La Galigo theatrical and musical performance held on April 23 and 24 in Makassar, South Sulawesi, attracted 1.350 foreign and domestic visitors. According to Rusmayani Madjid, Head of the Makassar Tourism and Culture, most of them came from Jakarta. The rest were fans of Robert Wilson, I La Galigo director, who travelled from Singapore and the Czech Republic.

Rusmayani hoped that the performance will attract more tourists to Makassar. “We hope that those who watched the show can promote Makassar’s culture and tourist attractions,” he said yesterday.

The Makassar government said that I La Galigo performance can increase South Sulawesi’s tourism potential, especially Makassar. “The city government, with the South Sulawesi provincial government, will allocate a special budget for I La Galigo performance next year,” said Makassar Mayor, Arief Sirajuddin, after the performance, last Sunday night.

The performance cost more than Rp 3 billion to produce. The regional government plans to allocate near that amount for the next performance. The Makassar government did not contribute to this year’s performance due to insufficient funds.

Tanri Abeng, a South Sulawesi figure who initiated the show, put in a lot of effort to raise the funds. Sponsors for the event were PT Bosowa Corporation and PT Telkomsel.

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