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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Andrea Bocelli at the Jakarta Ritz

At last, a legend for the new millennium. A legend in the Homeric sense of a myth, the word that speaks which has flowered here through song: like Caruso, Gigli, Del Monaco, Corelli A legend (of Andrea Bocelli's stature) is not created by design: the most astute marketing would never be able to produce such a result. It is simply that people recognized him and voted for him. And so it happened, in an apparently equal context (a singing competition, the Sanremo festival in 1994) and yet a most perfect one, because the infancy of a legend follows a course which breaks with tradition.
From then on the tone of his voice has brought tenderness to the world and his fame has increased exponentially. Because if God would have a singing voice, He would sound a lot like Andrea Bocelli even Celine Dion's famous comment is a clear, unadorned testament to the artist's legendary status as well as the perception of a gift That voice, that simultaneously melancholic and radiant colour, an unrivalled vocal interpretation of the emotions of a lover or a father, a matchless expression of earthly desire or heavenly love, with 70 million record sales to testify to it. ( Read more.. )

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