Ubud restaurant listed in "Best Barbeque Restaurants in the World"

Ibu Oka: Ubud, Bali:

"They're all here: the expats with laptops, the tourists with dog-eared guidebooks, and the locals, comforted that even with Ubud's newfound fame (thanks, Eat, Pray, Love), they can still find babi guling prepared as it was decades ago. The restaurant's owner and namesake, "Grandma" Oka, presides over courtyard barbecue pits. Whole hogs are seasoned with an electrifying mixture of chiles, lemongrass, ginger, galangal, and turmeric, then roasted over a wood fire on hand-turned log rotisserie spits. Once cooked, the hogs are carried across the street to an open-air restaurant where women wielding cleavers dole out servings of the crispy, spice-scented meat with fragrant rice and spicy long bean salad."

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