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Sunday, July 24, 2011

US Surfer missing in Sumatra

A Long Beach surfing guru is missing in Sumatra, Indonesia after catching a 12-foot wave on a remote reef.
A dive team has joined the search for Long Beach High School surf team coach Daniel Bobis.
Bobis, 32, was surfing near the tiny enclave of Damai with his wife and a friend when he disappeared around 9 a.m. local time.
"It was just a day like any other here," Bobis’ pal Brian Lonergan, 32, told The Post through tears. "Danny had just taken a wave before me, I was further outside. I noticed as I came through that I couldn’t see him and a few minutes later his board washed up on the shore."

For the next 12 hours Lonergan, Bobis’ wife Rachel, 28, and Jason King — the owner of Krui Dami Bungalow surf camp where the trio were saying — scoured the beach for any other sign of the missing surfer.
"We pretty much searched the beach till nightfall and still have not found him," said Lonergan. "We have to just wait for daybreak now."
Lonergan said the surf camp is at least a six-hour drive from the nearest airport and had no idea where the nearest hospital was. Due to the remoteness of the surf camp, it took divers nearly a full day to reach the area.
He said the group had also unsuccessfully been pleading with local authorities and the US consulate to send a rescue helicopter to aid the search.
The trio had been on an dream vacation, surfing exotic reefs across the Far East since June 30.

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