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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lampung Barat can be international tourism destination

Lampung Barat district in Lampung Province can be turned into an international tourist destination in Indonesia.

It is possible for the district to compete with other tourist destination areas in the country because of its tourism potential in abundance.

Lampung Barat Culture and Tourism Office spokesman Hudaibi said in the district town of Liwa on Tuesday that the district deserved to be turned into both domestic and international tourist destination in the country.

"Its potential richness of nature and the beautiful panoramic view serve as an important asset of the district to be turned into domestic and foreign tourist destination besides Bali," Hudaibi said.

According to him, a lot of foreign tourists who ever visited Lampung Barat said that with its abundant natural beauty, the district could compete with Bali as international tourist destination.

He said that besides natural tourism, Lampung Barat also presented cultural tourism that could be studied by both domestic and foreign tourists.

"Therefore the local government continues to develop tourist areas including tourist villages in the district," he said, adding that the marine and natural beauty in Lampung Barat was able to attract more than 100 foreign tourists to visit the district every year.

Hudaibi added that the district also continued to open investment opportunities for the investors to develop the tourism potential.

He expressed hope that the central government could help Lampung Barat district develop the tourism areas to attract as many domestic and foreign tourists as possible.

Meanwhile, Lampung provincial government is making every effort to step up its international tourism potential to increase foreign tourist arrival in 2011.

"We will involve various private parties in our effort to step up the international tourism potential here," provincial culture and tourism department`s investment promotion agency spokesman Gatot Hudi Utomo said in Bandarlampung early this year.

According to Gatot, Lampung province has more than 150 tourism objects but most of them have yet to be optimally managed.

"Therefore we are going to optimize the international tourism potential in the province," Gatot said, adding that the coastal area in Lampung Barat district was good surfing.

To optimize and to promote the international tourism potential in the province, he said the infrastructure facility should also be improved.

"Besides, the tourism promotion agency should play its greater role to attract as many foreign tourists as possible to visit Lampung," he said.

With its white sandy beaches, pristine waterfalls, and lush nature preserves, Lampung is one of many many provinces in Indonesia with great potential to attract international tourists.

The Elephant Rehabilitation Center in Way Kambas where wild, rampaging elephants are domesticated and taught useful skills, also offers special attraction to visitors.

Shaped in many ways by the impact and eruption of Krakatau volcano eons ago, its attractive beaches of Merak Belantung, Pasir Putih, and tourist resort like Lalaan waterfall and Mount Rajabasa are also worth visiting.

Meanwhile, Lampung Barat`s culture and tourism office chief for promotion section Riady Andrianto said in Bandarlampung recently that a number of tourist objects in the district have been prepared to attract as many holiday makers as possible this year.

According to him, Lampung Barat district government has so far been always ready to welcome the tourists but this year it has made every effort to attract even more domestic and foreign holiday makers.

In a bid to make the holiday makers feel at home, Riadi said a number of tourist objects in Lampung Barat have increased the number of their workers to give an optimum service, sense of comfort, and security to the visitors.

Riadi said one of tourist attractions in Lampung Barat was Tanjung Setia Beach in Pesisir Selatan sub-district. It has has natural panoramic view and challenging waves for foreign tourists to go surfing.

Riadi said that the coolness and crystal clear sea water at Tanjung Setia also offered additional attraction for the foreign holiday makers.

Besides Tanjung Setia, Lampung Barat also has other tourists objects such as Labuhan Jakung Beach, Pulau Pisang, Lake Ranau, Way Besai rafting resort, and Sekura Cakak Buah cultural festival.

He said that in 2010, more than 400,000 tourists visited West Lampung tourism objects and 10,000 of them were from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and other Asian countries.

Again, Hudaibi said Lampung Barat district was also offering white water rafting to both domestic and foreign tourists.

"Lampung Barat has a river with good potential for rafting and therefore we offer it to both domestic and foreign tourists who love water sports," Hudaibi said.

He said the swirling current of the river had a special attraction for the tourists to try their surfing courage.

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