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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bali Tourists Warned off Jungle Juice Cocktails

Australian holiday makers on the Indonesian island of Bali were urged Wednesday to steer clear of so--called Jungle Juice cocktails after a 25--year--old nurse was repatriated after suffering brain damage and kidney failure.

Jamie Johnston fell ill after drinking rice wine her doctors suspect was laced with methanol while holidaying with her mother on the neighboring island of Lombok.

The Jungle Juice, rice wine mixed with fruit juice, was served to her in a popular restaurant. It was contaminated with methanol, a chemical commonly used in anti--freeze.

"I think it's a tragic case," New South Wales state Health Minister Jillian Skinner told Australia's AAP news agency. "It could happen to anyone. If you drink or eat anything or you're sick when you're traveling, seek immediate help."

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