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Friday, November 11, 2011

Chinese tourist dead after diving in Bulukumba

A Chinese tourist died after diving at Tanjung Bira beach in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, with local authorities suggesting it was a result of a lack of oxygen.
Tsang Ngai aka "Pelix", 41, arrived at Tanjung Bira on Monday, and was diving around 100 meters off the shore on Wednesday afternoon when suddenly he came to the surface and waved, calling for help, South Sulawesi Police spokesman Chevy Ahmad Sopari said Thursday in Makassar.
Chevy said locals who saw Tsang immediately rescued Tsang, who said he had a cramp and that he couldn't breathe properly, but he died not long after being taken to shore.
“There were no signs of violence. We suspect the victim died as a result of a shortage of oxygen while he was diving. The victim’s name was Tsang Ngai aka Pelix, and he was from China,” Chevy said.
He added that Tsang’s remains were at a hospital in Bulukumba, as police were coordinating with the Chinese Embassy to arrange the return of the remains to his home country.

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