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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Denpasar Festival to welcome New Year, Dec 28 -31

Denpasar`s Tourism Office is to organize its annual Denpasar Festival next December 28-31, 2011 to welcome the new year, the office`s head, Putu Budiasa, said.

"This year`s Denpasar festival will focus on more creative packaging to avoid monotony in the annual event," Putu said here Monday.

Last year`s festival presented local culture and superior products for tourists but this year each of the festival`s participants would allowed greater freedom to exercise their own creativity, he said.

"This year`s Denpasar Festival is themed `Ranah Bertabur Kreasi` (Creation-studded Realm) to reflect Bali`s heroic `Baris` spirit," he said.

Putu said the event would still show diverse expressions of art, culture, creativity, technology, culinary, trade and industry in accordance with its theme.

The Baris spirit was closely related to the diverse cultural values and creativity, such as the values of struggle, dignity and heroism in a broad sense.

"It will show heroic values in the fields of education, culture, painting, sculpting, communication, transportation and health," he said.

Putu also said the festival would show Denpasar`s strong and deep-rooted historic, artistic and cultural foundations.

"We are now preparing the event in cooperation with other relevant agencies in order to make it a success," he said.

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