Jakarta nowbecoming the next high fashion shopping destination in South-East Asia

Jakarta is fast becoming the next high fashion shopping destination in South-East Asia.

THINK high fashion shopping destinations, and there’s no doubt Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong will feature on your favourites list. But if your top three could expand by one more, make Jakarta the new addition.

Big and bustling, this bastion of erstwhile Dutch colonial expansion is a living time capsule. Huge shopping malls in the city centre contrast with the antiquated old port known as Batavia.

Jakarta is a city where bullock carts mingle with comfortable Bluebird taxis, where smog and smiling residents co-exits. Small wonder they call it the Big Durian. You either love it or hate it.

Shoppers need not worry. Once you clear the airport, a 40-minute ride takes you into the city centre. That’s if you arrive at the right time.

Jakarta has usurped Bangkok as the king of the South-East Asian gridlock

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