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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Seeing Lampung’s Dolphins Gone Wild

For 30 minutes, the boatman tried to ease our boredom by telling jokes. “You know that dolphins don’t like pleasant scents, so it’s a good thing you guys didn’t shower before we left,” said Khairil Anwar, 42, who also runs the bungalow, his family business. We laughed.

But as the objects of our fascination failed to appear, one of my friends desperately tried to make sounds that might attract the dolphins.

A few minutes later, a slippery-looking grey creature made a big splash in the front of our boat.

“Was that it?” I shouted to Khairil. He nodded. We turned on our cameras, and this time we weren’t disappointed.

About a dozen dolphins appeared on the right side of our boat, splashing wildly. The reward was worth the wait and the long ride. We were thrilled when one of the dolphins started swimming with graceful, dance-like moves.

“Good gracious, the dolphins do exist!” another friend shouted excitedly.
We watched the dolphins frolick for about 30 minutes, capturing every moment on camera before finally motoring away.

Khairil said more and more tourists, foreign and domestic, have been visiting the Kiluan region during the past few years specifically to see dolphins.

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