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Monday, January 16, 2012

Wilujeng Sumping is Sundanese Welcome

Tour guides in Bogor, West Java, will use "Wilujeng Sumping" (welcome) as an official greeting to tourists who visit the city, Bogor Tour Guides Association (HPI) spokesman Bagus Karyanegara said here on Monday.

"Wilujeng Sumping was a greeting in Sundanese to make Bogor a center of tourist destinations in West Java," Antara news agency quoted Bagus, adding that the tour guides would be required to use the term to greet tourists.

Therefore, by using the greeting, Bagus said that tourists would have a good impression and then decided to revisit the city again.

Bogor has been a transit point for tourists who stayed in the city for only one day and then continue with their trip to other cities such as Yogyakarta, Solo, and Denpasar.

"Located close to the capital city of Jakarta, Bogor is a very strategic town and tourist destination in West Java," Bagus said, adding that the capability of tour guides in Bogor would also be improved so that they could give the best possible services to tourists who visited the town.

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