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Monday, February 27, 2012

Indonesian Restaurateur Wins Intellectual Property Rights To "Kopitiam"

The Indonesian courts have ruled in favour of a local restaurateur who claimed intellectual property rights over the word "kopitiam" - a Chinese word which means coffee shop, causing industry members to brew over the situation.

The Jakarta Post ran a story today that in 2010, Abdul Alek Soelystio, the owner of Jakarta-based "Kopitiam", had sued "Kok Tong Kopitiam" in the Medan Administrative Court for using the word and won the case.

Abdul claimed he had registered intellectual property rights to "kopitiam" in 1996.

Unhappy with the outcome, Paimin Halim, owner of "Kok Tong Kopitiam", appealed to the Supreme Court, but the lower court's decision was merely upheld.

The report said, Abdul took out an advertisement in a national newspaper on Feb 6 this year warning other restaurateurs to immediately drop "kopitiam" from their brand id

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