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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Must See Attractions in Indonesia

Touring around the world can offer many experiences, such as soaking up the Back Bay from one of the many fine hotels in Boston or simply taking in the scenery at Newport in Rhode Island. Here however, are some of the finest tourist attractions in Indonesia, ones you will not want to miss on your visit.

Sitting on the Equator in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has a series of pristine tropical islands that have resort towns and beaches with many leisurely activities to offer and fascinating island places to explore. Welcoming and happy people provide comfortable accommodations, friendly tours and many water sports and other amusements for visitors from all over the world. For a tropical getaway, here are some of the must see attractions to be discovered in Indonesia:

Bali Jet Set

Those with little or ample experience in water sports can enjoy this Bali Jet Set Dive and Marine Sports facility. Found in southern Bali, people come here for the fun of an afternoon enjoying whatever water sports they desire. Instructors are on hand for safety, to demonstrate methods and to help those inexperienced with different watercraft and equipment. Diving, snorkeling, surfing and parasailing as well as boating and fishing are some of the activities possible from this facility.

Banda Neira Church

On the beautiful island of Maluku in the town of Banda Neira is a bit of Dutch colonial history. This church survived the massacre of Christian and Muslim people. The building is beautifully maintained today. Local guides are available to give visitors tours of the church and the town recounting the rich history of the area and the culture of the past and present residents of this lovely island of Maluku.

Istiqlal Mosque

In Java's capital city of Jakarta, this ornate mosque is a sacred worship and conference center. The interior can accommodate many thousands of worshipers. One of Asia's largest mosques, the architecture and the sacred atmosphere is impressive for those who respectfully tour the building.


Located in Jakarta is a fun and educational amusement park for families and children. The children actually get to dress up like fire fighters to put out a fire or experience being a lawyer, police and any number of adult careers. They also receive "money" with which to purchase food and other items like a driver's license and a car.

Saung Angklung Udjo

In the city of Bandung on the island of Jakarta, one of the fabulous cultural shows is a lively musical performance using Sudanese bamboo instruments and children who are dancing and singing. Angklung is distinctively Indonesian music. The audience gets the chance to witness a true piece of the culture and art of the Indonesian islands

A holiday that certainly offered a different experience to my most recent which was a trip to, and stay in, one of the many hotels in Washington DC. This trip will capture your heart and imagination and will certainly live up to your expectations.

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