Yogyakarta has many traditional arts, cultures to attract tourists

Yogyakarta has many traditional arts and cultures that can attract tourists to visit the areas, an observer said.

"Many of local traditional arts and cultures which develop in rural areas have the potentials to be attractions for tourists to visit the area. Therefore, the existence of arts and cultures needs to be maintained and developed." Chairwoman of Widya Budaya Foundation Yogyakarta Widi Utaminingsih said here on Sunday.

According to her, traditional arts and cultures will make tourists visiting Yogyakarta to keep memories about them when the return to their home towns or countries. She also said traditional arts and cultures are assets.

"Traditional arts and culture exhibitions also help increase local arts activities," she said.

She also said the local government must be serious in expanding and conserving traditional arts and cultures in order to make them tourist attractions. (Antara)

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