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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indonesia protesters attack Malaysia Hall in Jakarta over “stealing culture”

With anger increasing in Indonesia over recent moves by Malaysia that is being seen as “stealing culture” protesters in Jakarta attacked the Malaysia Hall on Friday in an angry display.

The non-governmental organization Pancasila Youths, who earlier torched the Malaysian flag and hurled eggs at the compound of the Malaysian Embassy in Kuningan after Friday prayers, then went to the Malaysia Hall in Jalan Hos Cokroaminoto, Menteng.

At Malaysia Hall, they attacked a security personnel who sustained slight injuries, threw large stones and pieces of wood which shattered the warden’s windows, apart from damaging the main gate and messing up the windows by hurling eggs.

The stones thrown by the rioters also damaged the front roof of Malaysia Hall.

Earlier this week, controversy was sparked when Malaysia wanted to list certain aspects of what it said are its culture, which angered Indonesia, who said that culture is often being stolen from their country and represented by Malaysia as their own.

The criticism comes as North Sumatra’s Tortor dance and the Gordang Sambilan drums will be added to the Malaysian National Heritage Law, according to Minister of Information, Communications and Culture Rais Yatim.(

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