Palang Pintu Festival Takes Over Kemang Raya This Weekend

Kemang Raya Street will be closed from Friday until Sunday for the Palang Pintu Festival, a part of the Jakarta anniversary celebration.

The street is closed for 600 meters from the Kober traffic light until the Habibie Center.

Vehicles will be redirected to other routes and there are two alternatives for those who want to go to Blok M from Ampera.

The first route is from Ampera Street — Jeruk Purut Cemetery — Puri Mutiara Street — Pangeran Antasari Street – Blok M.

The second route is from Ampera Street — Kemang Timur Street — Kemang Utara Street — McDonald’s Kemang — Pangeran Antasari Street — Blok M.

The Palang Pintu Festival, also known as the Kemang Festival, is an annual festival which aims to preserve and celebrate Betawi culture.

In addition to cultural performances, 500 stalls will be selling local foods including kerak telor, bir pletok, dodol Betawi and tape uli. (Jakarta Globe)

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