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Thursday, June 7, 2012

West Sumatra tourism development directed towards cultural sites

The development of the tourism sector in West Sumatra is now directed more towards the cultural sites of Minangkabau, as well as retaining and preserving the natural tourism attraction.

The Governor of West Sumatra, Irwan Prayitno, in Padang on Wednesday said that the area of tourism within the cultural sites of Minangkabau is the better place for development in attracting tourism from inside and outside Indonesia.

However the natural tourism attraction will still need to be developed, especially those that have already been destination sports for tourists, Prayitno added.

The cultural site of Minangkabau that will be developed are the areas of the Siguntur kingdo in the Dharmasraya regency, the area of the Minangkabau village as well as the agro-tourism and the Minangkabau village in Balai Baliki.

For the natural tourism attraction that needs to be developed further with better quality includes Kembar lake in Solok regency, Harau Valey in 50 City and the area of Maek Megaltih.

However the Governor confessed that the other tourism places in the region has not fully been integrated with the cultural area of Minangkabau, that holds the biggest potential as the support for world tourism.

The problem that they are facing is that the tourism sector has not reached its full potential in the development of the area, he said.

The other problem in the tourism sector is the quality of production and the promotion of tourism.

It is the same for the management of activities in the tourism sector, as it has yet to be integrated and has not been able to maximally contribute to the development of the region.

Even though, he adds, as one of the destination tourism areas, the development of tourism in the region plays an important part in supporting activities in the economy, the rise in the livelihood of the community and the expansion of employment.

Tourism is also an important part in the effort to increase the identity of the nation and to push knowledge as well as community pride towards the culture of the nation by introducing tourism products such as the natural wealth, the natural panoramic views, art and traditional culture.(Antara)

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