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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Private sector expected to boost tourism in Berau, Kalimantan

Greater participation by the private sector, rather than only government initiatives, is expected to increase development of the tourism sector in Berau, East Kalimantan, according to a tourism official.

"The private sector plays an important role in boosting tourism in developing countries, including Indonesia, and particularly in Berau," Berau Tourism and Culture Service Head Rohaini said here on Saturday.

"Berau has a lack of transportation, particularly land transportation which needs to be supported by the private sector," she said.

Rohaini urged the public to look towards neighbouring countries, whose tourism efforts are mostly supported by the private sector.

"The role of the private sector has significantly contributed to improve the economy in Singapore, Malaysia and other neighbouring countries, including in the tourism sector in Indonesia," she added. 

Before the Derawan Festival in 2013, Rohaini said that the service is working to increase access to transportation, human resources and supporting infrastructures, such as hotels and homestay. 

"We have built homestay in Tanjung Batu, so we only need to fix it, since I think the local residents are ready to become part of the tourism community," she added.

To increase preparation, the service has conducted training for local people to welcome foreign tourists, according to Rohaini.

"We will also call on the businessmen from travel agents and private investors to provide donations to meet the needs of transportation during Derawan Festival 2013, although there have been no significant contributions from the private sectors," she added. (Antara)

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