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Thursday, January 24, 2013

16 new developing Indonesia tourism destinations

Indonesia has embarked on an ambitious initiative that will see the country concentrate on 16 core markets, 16 tourism destinations and beyond Bali, and seven special interest segments from now till 2014.

Indonesia offers everything: a magical beach holiday in Bali, the astonishing cultural diversity and heritage wonders including UNESCO World Heritage Sites Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple in Java, Batiks and Keris, fantastic shopping at great prices in Jakarta and Bandung, playing great golf with no waiting and reasonable fees at international class courses through the country, marvellous spas with traditional Indonesian  health and beauty treatments; marine tourism, diving, cruising, culinary and overall, a safe, family-oriented environment in an enchanting archipelago of 13.667 islands to explore.

Indonesia has embarked on an ambitious initiative that will see the country concentrate on 16 core markets, 16 tourism destinations and beyond Bali, and seven special interest segments from now till 2014.

“While Indonesia is blessed to have Bali, we believe that Bali already has enough drawing power and doesn’t need additional promotions. We want to develop and promote other products and destinations in Indonesia beyond Bali”Nia Niscaya, Director of International Tourism Promotion of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said.

The destinations under development will be highlighted at various travel tradeshows and sales missions, while fam trips for travel consultants and media will be organised. The ministry will also ramp up marketing efforts through traditional and social media channels.

In order to maximizing tourist movement from one destination to another, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has committed to develop the 16 national strategic tourism sites (new destination beyond Bali) until 2014 and promoting 7 special-interest tourisms. The strategic sites and special interest tourism are considerably important in increasing the number and the quality of foreign visitor coming to Indonesia.

Seven special interest segments have also been previously identified: culture and heritage; nature and ecotourism; recreational sports such as diving, surfing, sailing, trekking, hiking and golf; cruises; culinary and shopping; health and wellness; and MICE.

Through participation in ATF TRAVEX (Travel Exchange), the Ministry hopes to introduce more about Indonesia to international tourism community. ATF TRAVEX (Travel Exchange) is the longest-running annual ASEAN leisure travel trade event, showcasing the largest contingent of ASEAN sellers. It is an ideal forum for international buyers and media to gather the latest information on ASEAN tourism products and services, establish new business contacts and learn about tourism trade in the region. Each year, beside 14 tourism industries under Indonesian pavillion, 64 Indonesian tourism industries also participate through independent booth in ATF Travex 2013.

Impressive Increase in Tourism Arrivals in 2012
Visitor arrivals are increasing from year to year. The total number of overseas visitor arrivals to Indonesia rose from 8,002,035 visitors during the period January-December 2012, an increase of 5% over the same periods last year 2011, when Indonesia received 7,649,731. The total revenue reached US$ 9 billions by the expenditure of visitor per visit at least US$ 1,133.81, this exceeds the growth of international tourist (4%). For 2013, the growth is expected to continue but at a more moderate rate in the range of 2% to 4%.  ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine) which share 30,33%  to the total arrival.

Indonesia is Pro-active to Prioritize Sustainable Tourism
Indonesia has prioritized sustainable tourism to protect the uniqueness of Indonesia tourism:
  • Mbaru Niang, a village of traditional houses in Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia has been honoured with the Award of Excellence in the 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Mbaru Niang is not just a house, but it shows the culture, the environment, belief, and the way of life of the local community.
  • Batur National Geopark, confirmed as the 89th Member of Global Network of National Geopark, is hoped to increase sustainable tourism with a nature and local culture conservation.
  • 8 Indonesian destinations have been confirmed as UNESCO’s World Heritage List, from Borobudur Temple (1991) until Subak (2012). We also have 6 tradition, culture, and local wisdom confirmed as the list of intangible cultural heritage from UNESCO, started from Wayang (2008) until Saman Dance (2011).
  • Starting from 2009, the Ministry has attempted to develop 1500 tourism villages in 33 province in Indonesia. A tourism village is a village area which has some special characteristics of a place as tourism object. In this area, the traditions and culture of local community are still pure. A tourism village is also coloured by some supporting factors, such as local cuisine/food, agriculture system and social system. Besides, pure nature and environment are added points for a tourism village.The tourism village program is considered as an effective way to increase the people's welfare by developing the tourism character of the village. The program is funded by PNPM Mandiri, a government funding program from small-scale businesses.
  • Indonesia has hundreds, even thousands, folktale and traditions that are worthy to attrack tourists, combined with the natural beauty.
Tourism and Creative Economy
Indonesia is developing tourism and creative economy as one of important sector to support the economic growth, and in fact, Indonesia is the first country to combine and synergize the tourism and creative economy.

Tourism and Creative Economy have important role in opening and enhancing employment. In 2012, tourism sector has employed about 9,28 million people or 8.37%, while creative economy has employed about 11.57 million people.

Tourism investation in Indonesia (Hotel and Restaurant), foreign and local, shows significant increase in 2012. Foreign investment in Hotel and Restaurant reaches USD 242 million or increasing 3 times compared in 2011; while the local investment has increased 2 times, reaching USD 39.4 million

Index of Industrial Tripadvisor has also placed Indonesia with the most promising and profitable hotel business prospect, surpassing USA, Brazil, and Rusia.

When the trade sector suffer defisit due to uncertainty in the global economic, Indonesian tourism sector has 5% growth. This is surpassing the growth of global tourism which is predicted only about 3-4%.

APEC 2013, will be held in Bali.
This present time, Bali is preparing to welcome one of the important event for Asia-Pacific countries, that is APEC that will be held under the theme ”Resilient Asia Pacific, Engine of Global Growth”, with the priority: Attaining the Bogor Goals, Achieving Sustainable Growth with Equity, and Promoting Connectivity. To succeed the event, the public facilities are being constructed and renovated, some of them are ‘I Gusti Ngurah Rai’ Airport, and an under pass in Simpang Siur area. These works will be done before APEC in September 2013.

The visitors to go not only to the main and famous tourist destination such as Bali but also to explore other parts of Indonesia. “It can be Sumatera, Java, Lombok, Flores, Kalimantan, Sulawesi or Papua. We are confident that other destinations would offer different experience and atmosphere which can be as good as or even better than Bali. However, the issue of connectivity and accessibility remain the main challenges,” she explained.

 “Lastly, we expect foreign visitors to not only coming to Indonesia looking for natural beauty but also for the creative economy. In terms of creativity we have so much to offer. Our music, craft, cullinary, fashion are well known and inspiring to the global trend. 

“For all updates on these matters, I strongly advise you to contact the 12 Visit Indonesia Tourism Officers operating in 11 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Jepang, India, China (Guangzhou & Beijing), Australia, Midle East, Netherlands, Germany, France and Russia. They will always have the latest news about Indonesian tourism." (Travel Daily News)

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