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Friday, January 4, 2013

Air Asia to pay fines for canceling ticket

The Supreme Court has ordered low-cost carrier PT Indonesia Air Asia to pay a Rp 50 million (US$5,181) fine to customer Boedi Wibowo for unilaterally canceling his ticket a day before his departure date in 2008.
The panel of judges, comprising Abdurrahman, Sofyan Sitompul and Habiburrahman, rejected Air Asia's appeal and read out the verdict on Nov. 22 ordering the airline to pay the fine, according to a statement on the Supreme Court ‘s official website on Wednesday.
Air Asia spokesperson Audrey Progastama said on Thursday that the company's lawyers were still discussing the verdict.
“The point is, we will comply with the prevailing law,” she said as quoted by
The case occurred when Boedi, a university lecturer, was late for a seminar in Yogyakarta because his ticket from Jakarta to Yogyakarta had been canceled by the airline a day before his scheduled departure in December 2008.
Boedi, who felt his reputation had been tarnished due to his tardiness, decided to file suit against Air Asia, according to his lawyer, David Tobing.
The Tangerang District Court previously ruled that the unilateral cancelation had breached a Transportation Ministry regulation and the Consumer Protection law, which Air Asia appealed (Jakarta Post)


  1. bagus!! Saya telah 4 kali terpaksa beli ticket baru karena yg ada di cancel oleh Airasia. Mereka sewenang wenang. Sebaiknya Lembaga perlindungan konsumen bertindak

  2. Woww! This is new!.
    Kalau memang hukum ini bisa ditegakkan di negara kita, alangkah menyenangkannya jadi konsumen di negara ini.


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