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Friday, January 25, 2013

Canadian girl inline skates across Java to Bali

This an amazing video story of a Canadian girl, Sacha Stevenson, inline skating from Merak to Bali. Her story is told in a total of 9 Youtube videos.
She planned to skate across Sumatra for her next trip.

On an average holiday adventure in Indonesia, one may chose to hike into the jungles of North Sumatera to see the Orangutans, or learn to surf in the chilled out beach town of Batukaras, or even go diving in Raja Ampat and see the wonders of untouched natural beauty...

But the holiday adventure that is being referred to here doesn't leave the Indonesian highway...

The "beaten track" suddenly becomes the adventure of a lifetime when 29 year old Sacha Stevenson sets out to inline skate across the most populated island of Java to Bali. She had made the 1400 km journey before, but had absolutely NO idea what to expect now that she was going to do it while pushing the physical limits of her own body. Speaking to people, sharing ideas, and gathering insights on the conditions and culture of Indonesia, it was an experience not easily forgotten. This bizarre and inspiring story has been captured on video and edited for your enjoyment... So what are you going to do with your next holiday?

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