Hotels, travel agents ready for Sail Komodo

A number of hotels, travel agents, and culinary services in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) provincial city of Kupang are ready for Sail Komodo 2013, according to Kupang deputy Mayor Hermanus Man.

"We have had a meeting with the managers of hotels, travel agents, and culinary services and they said everything was ready for the upcoming international marine event," Hermanus said here on Monday.

According to him, many Star hotels and non-star hotels are already available, while several other star hotels have been completed and will soon be operated in the near future for the guests and participants of the event.

"We have asked all hotel and restaurant operators here to involve in the international marine event by providing special offers to Sail Komodo guests and participants," Hermanus noted.

He added that besides the hotels and restaurants, the Kupang city administration has also set in order a number of marine tourism attractions to greet the Sail Komodo.

"Among the marine tourism attractions are the white sandy beaches of Nunsui and Lasiana where the government will soon build wave retaining wall to avoid abrasion," he added. (Antara)

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