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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Paoman batik artisans ready to meet european demand

 Some artisans of Paoman batik, a typical pattern of North of Java Beach (Pantura), Indramayu, West Java, are ready to meet European market demand such as in Germany and the Netherlands.

The demand of Paoman batik had ever stopped for several times due to sluggish market there, said a batik artisan Murdianto here on Saturday.

This time, some batik artisans continue to increase their batik production to meet European demand.

Yanto said, this is an opportunity to artisans to work and meet local and international market demand. 

Paoman batik has natural dye and ink scratch neatly that make favorite one of consumers.

Variety of flora and fauna is Indramayu batik type, with white and dark color on the background, arch motif and sharp line (riritan).

An other artisan Kasidi said Indramayu artisans have trained in technique to determine dip needle points variety that showed the beauty of Pantura Sea.

The main motive of Paoman batik focused on nature, such as wadas, iwak ketong and parang rusak are quite interested to local and international market.

Siti Ruminah, a batik entrepreneur said Paoman batik business is developing, so that helped the artisans to keep working. She expected northern coastal Indramayu area could be batik tourism.(Antara)

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