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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sebaru Island, a New Destination

Sebaru Island, one of the islands located in at the Thousand Islands, Jakarta, has become a prime destination for divers due to its unscathed underwater beauty.

Compared to other islands such as Pramuka or Tidung, Sebaru lies farther from Jakarta. The island usually sees few visitors--mostly divers looking for the perfect spot, as confirmed by Wibowo, a diver instructor that often visits Sebaru Island.

Recently, the island underwent coral reef preservation as an effort to regenerate Indonesia's underwater beauty.
"So it will still be there, the future generation needs to see it," Wibowo said.
Along with those who care with coral reef preservation, Wibowo and dozens of diver took part in planting the Acropora coral reef in Sebaru island’s sea. "After a month, we can see if whether or not they would grow. Therefore, we have to monitor its growth frequently," said Sairan, a sea preservation officer.

Coral reef preservation is relatively easy,  but must be accompanied with routine supervision. Around 80 percent of coral reef planting usually succeeds. Again, preservation is essential to keep the beauty intact, especially in islands like the Seribu archipelago, Bunaken, and Raja Ampat. (

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