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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Muarojambi to be national heritage site

Muarojambi, the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia, is being assessed for inclusion as a national cultural heritage site this year.
Head of exploration and documentation at the Education and Culture Ministry, Sri Padmiarsi, said the Muarojambi complex had a great chance of being included as a national cultural heritage site.
The temple complex, which stretches 7.5 kilometers along the Batanghari River, has even been included as one of the top three nominees, she said, adding that if the complex was named as a national cultural heritage site, it would be directly be managed and supervised by the ministry.
"For the time being, the provincial administration still plays a big role in its supervision," said Sri.
During the assessment stage, the temple would already be treated as a natural heritage object, as the matter has been regulated in Law No. 11/2010, but, in reality, the temple complex is poorly maintained, evident from the coal stockpiled around the location. (Jakarta Post)

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