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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

700 to 800 new hotels to be opened

Although Indonesia is considered to be a vacation paradise, in fact only eight million foreign travelers visited the country in 2012.

But the number is expected to rise. Because of new air routes, more business trips and the opportunities of the future market more tourists should be attracted.

Therefore numerous of new hotels have to arise. During the next ten years, 700 to 800 new hotels with 100,000 rooms will open their doors. This data has been revealed by TOPHOTELPROJECTS, the worldwide leading provider of global B2B hotel data.

According to the Bureau for National Statistics, more than 1,600 hotels exist in Indonesia in 2012, which are offering nearly 156,000 rooms. In comparison to the previous year it was an increase of nine percent.

The average occupancy rate in 2012 was 53 percent, whereas there is just small seasonal variation as Indonesia has always warm weather. But there is a relatively large diversification between the single parts of the country: Bali reached an occupancy rate of 61 percent, Jakarta 57 percent. In Riau, the occupancy rate never reached more than 50 percent in any month of the year.

Further information: www.tophotelprojects.com

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