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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jalan Jaksa to become backpacker village

The Jakarta city administration plans to convert the Jl. Jaksa area into a backpacker village. The area will be developed into a center for services and trade, with foreign backpackers as its target market.

Kebon Sirih subdistrict head Anwar Maulana said over the weekend that the area was widely known by foreign tourists and backpackers wanting to take a long holiday in Indonesia, not only because of its close proximity to Monas (the National Monument) but also because it had been turning into a center for goods and services aimed at 

“The backpacker village will be an area for backpackers visiting Jakarta on long holidays,” he said as quoted by kompas.com.

Anwar who took up office two months ago following a series of tests, said that the development of the Jl. Jaksa area was part of his program to accelerate tourism development and improve residents’ participation in the goods and service trade in the subdistrict.

“The subdistrict has around 100 cafes, restaurants, bungalows and hotels,” he said, adding that the cafes, restaurants and hotels usually set moderate tariffs so that many domestic and foreign tourists traveling on limited budgets stayed in the Jl Jaksa area. 

He said he would initiate a night market program on Jl. Sabang and Jl. Agus Salim to promote the various cuisines of the archipelago through street vendors offering different varieties of Indonesian food.(Jakarta Post)

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