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Friday, February 7, 2014

Aceh dagger, 'Rencong' proposed as World Cultural Heritage item

The Banda Aceh office of the Cultural Values Conservation Agency (BPNB) is preparing to propose the traditional Acehnese dagger, the "rencong", to be considered for entry onto UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list.
BPNB Banda Aceh head Cut Irini said the "rencong" had to first be recognized as an item of national heritage by the Education and Culture Ministry before being considered one of world heritage.
Irini said the "rencong" fulfilled all requirements, namely written data, audio-visual data and remaining "rencong" masters.
“The 'rencong' is not merely a weapon; it also has great historic value, as it was used in the struggle against the Dutch colonizers,” she told Antara news agency on Thursday.
She added that the effort to nominate the "rencong" as a national and then world heritage item was worthwhile and should include further historical research.
“The Aceh provincial administration also needs to designate the 'rencong' as an inherent part of the province's cultural history,” she said. (Jakarta Post)

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