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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Indonesia Tourism growths fastest of all G20

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), a global authority for the tourist industry, says Indonesia's tourist sector recorded the highest growth of all G20 economies.
WTTC recent data showed the country's tourism could contribute 8.4 percent to the nation's economy.
The council’s 2014 economic effect report said Indonesia recorded double digit growth in both international and domestic visitor expenditure, with 15.1 percent and 7.2 percent, respectively.
"Indonesia is experiencing fast economic growth; its growing middle class travels a lot for business and leisure purposes," WTTC president and CEO David Scowsill said on Wednesday as quoted
Scowsill said there had been a high increase in the number of foreign tourists visiting the country, which had contributed to the nation's foreign exchange.
WTTC’s research predicted the contribution of tourism to Indonesia's overall economy in 2014 would grow to 8.1 percent.
The growth of international tourists to the archipelago was projected to reach 14.2 percent, exceeding the average growth of domestic tourists that was predicted to increase by 6.3 percent.
WTTC said by capitalizing on the growth opportunities of tourism, the government could create a conducive business climate and support infrastructure to help facilitate a sustainable tourist industry.
The organization also said the government could implement an easier visa procedure in a bid to attract more tourists.
It recorded the tourist industry as contributing US$7 trillion to the global economy throughout 2013.
This year, the figure was projected to increase by 4.2 percent.
Meanwhile, the contribution of this sector to labor, whether directly and indirectly, was 226 million jobs or 8.9 percent of total workers (Jakarta Post)

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