The Peak event of Sail Raja Ampat will be held on June 21, in Waisai Torang Cinta (WTC) beach, Waisai city, Raja Ampat, West Papua. The Government of Indonesia has already organized the coordination meeting with all of the associated ministries, Indonesian Army (TNI), the local governments, and the state-owned enterprises and regionally owned enterprises.

Sharif C. Sutardjo, the Minister of marine Affairs and Fisheries, who serves as the chairman of the national organizing committee of the Event, states that the Sail Raja Ampat is ready to kick off. To ensure the success of the entire activities on the Event, all of the participating ministries/institutions has allocated the budget to support each ministry's activities on the Event. The participating ministries include the Coordinating Minister for People Welfare, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Public Work, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of State-owned Company, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Public Housing, Ministry of Social Services, and Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.   

Sail Raja Ampat will stop over in a number of spots including Waisai Torang Cinta beach, Rumah Pintar, the Office of National Organizing Committee Secretariat, The Fishery Academy of Sorong, and the Grouper Fish Culture Center. Sharif said that Sail Raja Ampat is the sixth event of the Sail series, after the Sail Bunaken on 2009, Sail Banda on 2010, Sail Wakatobi-Belitung on 2011, Sail Morotai on 2012, and Sail Komodo on 2013. "The Sail series aim to increase the regional economy development on the island and remote areas, particularly through the marine tourism sector," explained the Minister.

Sharif continued, the Sail is one of the implementation of Masterplan for Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development (MP3EI), which is an ambitious plan by the Indonesian government to accelerate the realization of becoming a developed country of which the fruits and prosperity will be enjoyed equally among the people.

In addition to aiming to accelerate the economic development of the island and remote areas, the Sail series are also established to reaffirm the identity of the Indonesia nation as the maritime nation living in an archipelago. Sail Raja Ampat will bring theme 'Building the Maritime, Bringing Raja Ampat to  the World Tourism.

It is always proven that all of the Sail series give a great, significant impact to the regional economy, especially the coastal and small islands' people. For example, Manado, the capital of North Sulawesi which was the host city of Sail Bunaken 2009, has currently been a business center on the eastern part of Indonesia ever since.

A number of activities that has already been included into the agenda of Sail Raja Ampat such as the Flag Raising Ceremony of the 69th Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia in one of the outermost islands, social and health services, the Sail of Lingkar Nusantara IV, the Marine Expedition Rally, Yacht Rally, and the national and international seminaries, to name a few.(Antara)