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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Adventure Gateway to snow covered Carstensz Pyramid in the Tropics

The Ugimba Tourism Village in the  Intan Jaya Regency, in the province of Papua has just been designated the most ideal adventure gateway to conquer the Carstenz Pyramid peak, Indonesia's highest,  snow covered peak in the tropics.

 The official establishment of Ugimba as a tourist village and the Carstensz Pyramid as one of Indonesia's  prime destinations were recognized with the signing of the Carstenz  and the Ugimba Inscriptions  by the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu, on Tuesday (23 September 2014) in  the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy building in Jakarta.

The Signing of the Inscriptions was attended by the Regent of Intan Jaya, Natalis Taboni, former Police Chief of Papua Tito Karnavian, Goris Mere,  and Lennis Kagoya from the Papuan Cultural Elders Council, representatives of Papua Province, and also representatives of  Ugimba Village.

In her remarks , Minister Mari Elka stated that the establishment of the two prime destinations forms part of the  strategic programs of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy  to increase the contribution ofTourism to raise the welfare of  local communities, with special attention to those in rural areas.

“Recognition  of Ugimba as a tourist village will have a double impact on both community empowerment and nature conservation of  the Carstensz Pyramid,  known as one of only three summits in the  tropics  to have eternal snow. As one of Indonesia's  prime destinations it is projected to play an important role in raising community involvement which is a vital part in sustainable tourism development”, said Minister  MariPangestu.

Meanwhile to, Director of Carstensz Adventure, Maximus Tipagau said  that the signing of the two inscriptions placed  alternative tourism to Carstensz Pyramid equal to that in Raja Ampat , West Papua. This is also regarded as a perfect first step towards establishing the Carstensz Pyramid together with the  Ugimba Village as a popular destination at the same time  counter the negative news onsafety and security issues  in the area.
“All this time,  negative issues have spread which  kept foreign tourists away from Carstensz. With the signing of the inscriptions, we hope that this matter will get a special attention from the government as well as the public at large”, added Tipagau.

Tipagau, who was born and raised in Ugimba, further explained that he has worked rea hard to convince  the local, provincial, and central governments to develop the region. The establishment of Ugimba Tourism Village itself was initiated by the local people of Ugimba through the Somatua Foundation.

Among avid mountaineers, the Carstensz Pyramid is known as one of the top five mountains in the world to climb. The most common  Carstensz climbing route is the Sugapa-Ugimba-Carstensz route which passes right through the village of Ugimba. The area is also surrounded with a number of fascinating attractions  such as the Kemabu River which is perfect for rafting, the Nabu River that has reverse currents towards the Carstensz Pyramid, a river with high salt concentration, the natural golf course in Putipiga, and not to forget the unusual  endemic flora and fauna of the region.

If you are attracted  to venture climbing up the Carstenz Pyramid, you can contact:
PT Adventure Carstensz
Jl. Enggang No. 04 RT 005 RW A
Distrik Kuala Kencana, Kabupaten Mimika,
Provinsi Papua, Indonesia - 99930
Phone: +62 901 302 065
Fax: +62 901 302 065


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