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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sail Tomini 2015 hosted by Central Sulawesi

International maritime event Sail Tomini 2015 is expected to help promote tourist destinations in Central Sulawesi Province, in particular around Tomini Bay.

"Therefore, Sail Tomini should be designed differently from previous sail events," Suaib Djafar, a tourism industry observer, a doctorate graduate of the University of Padjajaran, said here.

The implementation of Sail Tomini should cover three aspects, Culture, Adventure, and Nature or CAN, he added.

Parigi Moutong District, the location of Sail Tomini peak event, is a heterogeneous region where local tribes such as Tomini, Tinombo and Moutong, live side-by-side with migrants such as Balinese, he said.

During the event, Balinese culture and arts should be promoted as well, so audience could see that Central Sulawesi is like a miniature Indonesia, he added.

Besides, cultural aspect is crucial to respond to the vision of "Great Indonesia" and to "mental revolution" in particular.

Parigi Moutong also offers beautiful scenery of its nature, agro-tourism, authentic culinary, and cliff climbing.

"Parigi Moutong has one of the best cliffs that I have ever known. We should promote it internationally," he said.

Durian fruit agro-tourism should also be introduced to participants of Sail Tomini, he said. (Antara)

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