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Monday, November 10, 2014

FLORES, in Lonely Planet Top 10 Regions Best in Travel 2015

World's most popular tourism website, Lonely Planet, recently released the Best Destinations to Explore in 2015. Indonesia through the island of Flores in the province of East Nusatenggara, was chosen among the Top 10 Regions Best in Travel 2015, along with Macau, Rocky Mountain USA, Atacama UN Chile, and more.

Flores was chosen among the world's  best regions since,  aside from being habitat to the giant Komodo Dragons, the region is also known as a diver's paradise and is decorated with looming volcanoes and lush tropical forests. The island is recognized as offering a complete adventure for travellers.

There are many places where visitors can indulge in their sheer beauty. Situated west of Flores, Labuan Bajo is a peaceful small port complemented with beautiful beaches nearby. Lonely Planet also recommended other small towns such as Bajawa which still retains well preserved traditional culture.

According to Lonely Planet, a week in Flores can provide  a truly fascinating experience. A trip to the Moni area and Mount Kelimutu will offer its own memorable experience. The sunset over the three-colored Lake is definitely an unforgettable spectacle. Further to Maumere, you will discover Paga Beach which radiates a serene atmosphere.

Flores also has a number of cafes and restaurants offering fresh, delicious, and uniquely Indonesian food and beverages. Lonely Planet specifically complimented the seafood and Indonesia's distinct "nasi campur" or mixed rice that are considered tasty and relatively cheap.

The Top 10 Regions is one of the categories released by Lonely Planet Best Travel in 2015. The other two categories are Top 10 Cities and Top 10 Countries.  The lists are released annually, that,  aside from acknowledgments also serve as recommendations for travellers who want to plan their trip next year. (Indonesia.travel)

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