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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Donggala Heritage 2015 to conserve cultural heritage

The Donggala Arts Council will hold Donggala Heritage 2015 on January 23 to 25, in Banawa, Donggala District, 40 kilometers northwest of Palu, Central Sulawesi.

"Donggala Heritage 2015 is part of the efforts to preserve the citys most valuable cultural heritage," Secretary of the Donggala Arts Council Zulkifly Uun Pagessa stated here on Friday.

"The citys existence must be maintained because it belongs to the community," he emphasized.

Pagessa remarked that an exhibition, film screening, music performance, and focus group discussions are the four program activities outlined for the event.

"The discussions will be organized to talk about the legacy and future of Donggala as a port city," he pointed out.

Pagessa noted that the Donggala Arts Council invites the public to commend and contribute in the cultural movement.

According to him, since centuries, Donggala City has become one of the cultural melting pots not only on the island of Sulawesi but also in eastern Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

As a trading center and port city since the 16th century, Donggala has become a stopover for merchant ships from all over the world.

In recorded history, merchant ships from Spain and Portugal have anchored in the port city of Donggala.

Long before that, merchant ships from all over the archipelago, Junk ship from mainland China and merchant ships from Gujarat and Persia have also anchored in this citys dock.
Pagessa remarked that various historical relics such as the round-shaped colonial era building, old buildings, and the port have not been maintained well. (Antara)

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