Bali by the Numbers: No Sign of an Australian Boycott as Bali’s Arrival Figures for February Increase 21%

Tourists arrivals through the end of February 2015 continued to demonstrate strong growth in arrivals with 335,469 foreign tourists coming to Bali – a 21% improvement over February 2014 when 275,795 arrivals were recorded. news, bali news, bali update, bali informations news, bali news, bali update, bali informations news, bali news, bali update, bali informations
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Seen on a cumulative basis for the first two months of the year, foreign tourist arrivals to Bali totaled 637,217 - increasing 14.8% when compared to the first two months of 2014.

No Sign of an Australian Boycott Yet

Vigils and threats of a boycott of Bali in connection with the imminent execution of the two ringleaders of the Bali Nine aside, arrivals statistics for February provide no evidence of any downturn in Australian visitors to Bali.

Australian February arrivals hit 71,365 - up 13.85% over February 2014.

Australian arrivals for the first two months of 2105 are also up 16.76%.

China Boom Underway

A concentrated program of special charter flights between China and Bali operated by Garuda Indonesia and other airlines boosted Chinese arrivals by 64.49% to 93,922 in February. Year-to-date arrivals from China for January-February 2015 are up 33.71% as compared to January-February 2014.

Japan Looking Better

The Japanese market is, despite a recession, showing marked improvement. January-February 2015 arrivals ex-Japan are up 32.32%.

Malaysia and Singapore Arrivals Down

Malaysian arrivals for January-February 2015 have declined 15.77% while Singapore arrivals for the same period declined 9.65%.

Europe Performing Strongly

Arrivals from the United Kingdom for January-February 2015 increased 25.25%, with The Netherland up 21.26%, and France ahead 9.48%.


India is proving itself a real player in Bali tourism, quickly moving up to a position among the top ten inbound markets. Indian bookings boomed 47.52% for January-February 2015 over the same period in 2014.

Russian Market Ailing Badly

Russian arrivals to Bali are sick and getting sicker. Arrivals are down 42.36% for January-February 2015. Russia now ranks 14th among Bali arrivals, sliding from 9th in 2014 and 6th in 2013.

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