Klungkung Regency in Bali to Develop Sea Salt Production as a Tourist Attraction

The regency of Klungkung in Bali has plans to organize sea salt production along Goa Lawah Beach in order that it becomes a popular tourist attraction.

Quoted by Metrobali.com, the regent of Klungkung, Nyoman Suwitra, said on Thursday, March 26, 2015, “By organizing (the sea salt production), two functions will emerge for both a production sector and a tourism activity.”

The government is undertaking the plan after witnessing the enthusiasm displayed by visiting tourists when shown the local sea salt production process.

As a result, the government of Klungkung is seeking to integrate farming, fishing, sea salt production and visitation to the nearby bat caves at Goa Lawah.

The program is also designed to supplement incomes and preserve employment for traditional salt makers.

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