"Wonderful Indonesia" brand ranked world`s 47th best

The "Wonderful Indonesia" brand that the country has been promoting has been ranked the 47th best in the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum (WEF).
Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said here on Monday that the efforts and programs the government implemented to promote the country branding have had an encouraging result.
"I commend the significant achievement of our country branding for being ranked the 47th best this year from the earlier 140th position among 144 countries," he remarked.
He added that the ministry was determined to continue to intensify its promotion of Indonesias branding program through the inclusion of the "Wonderful Indonesia" logo on various platforms.
Moreover, Deputy for Foreign Marketing Development of the Ministry of Tourism I Gde Pitana admitted that public awareness was needed to introduce the countrys branding of "Wonderful Indonesia" to the world.
He explained that overall, the WEF assesses general tourism competitiveness on the basis of 13 indicators, including nation branding, nature, culture, hygiene, and others.
Basically, country branding is one of the factors reviewed by the WEF to evaluate a nations tourism competitiveness.
Pitana further noted that Indonesia will continue to optimize the promotion of its tourism sector further at the global level.
"For a few months, we have been promoting our brand through international channels," Pitana affirmed.
He also pointed out that over time, the ministry will improve various components considered weak by the WEF, to improve Indonesias tourism competitiveness (Antara)

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